9Guard Security Services Company

Make`s a significant investment on Security Guard Services and staffs selection in addition to the training of Manned Security Services

9Guard Security Guard Services Company

The aims of our Security Guard Services Company to offer a highest-value and Skilled Manned Guarding Services with cost effective and trained Guard Dog Security Services Solutions using the infrastructure of a conditional objectives to the Knowledge of health and safety, Risk Assessment and environmental.

9Guard Security Services believe a professionalism training is most effective in providing Manned Guarding Services and K9 Patrol Security Services to the procedure which is defined by the Security Services that can be put in place with immediate effect in addition of have the value of skills and raising the recognition of skilled professionals to our Security Services solutions with a research into best practice for raising attainment of Security Guard Services Solution and Scalable safety measures that allows us to manage and assess the provisions of Manned Guarding Services

What We Offer

Our uniformed security guards are trained to the high standards that are set by Security Industry Authority (SIA)

Our uniformed security guards and staff are vetted to the standards of BS7858:2006 going back 5 years.

We inducted our staff through a planned programme agreed in consultation with everyone involved, consistently and effective to improve workplace relations between employees, and managers, making sure everything is up to date, Include the latest relevant company information such as working practices, duties, policies and procedures.

  • SIA Licensed 100%
  • Insured 100%
  • Trained 100%
  • Cost Effective 100%

Our uniformed security guards are trained to the right level of front line, they also undertake further training and gain accreditation from customer service and investigation technique courses.

Our uniformed security guards undertake further courses and gain Excellence in Customer Care, Emergency first aid at work, Health and Safety Awareness and Manual Handling Theory.

Our uniformed security guards maintain positive working relationships with visitors and company staff and they have the ability to think quickly and make quick decisions and deal effectively with unexpected situations.

Our Guards physically fit, act rationally and effectively, we work on a flexible schedule, constantly alert for maintaining public safety, security and track down criminals with emotionally balanced.

Manned Security Services

Our Manned Security Services Company believe a successfully solution, is a provision of an up to date training to staff and management’s, this policy has been drafted to comply with our Manned Security Services to our customer’s requirements and expectations at lower cost, and highest-value.

Security Services

The aims of our Security Guard Services Company to offer a highest-value and Skilled Security Services with cost effective and trained Security Guard Services Solutions using the infrastructure of a conditional objectives to the Knowledge of health and safety, Risk Assessment with environmental guidance.

Security Guard Services

Our uniformed Security Guards CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) Card Holders, and committed to meeting its statutory obligations to undertake the health and safety, risk assessment and environmental guidance process where our work focuses on the widespread adoption of integrated protection and Security of Services are to meet the needs of clients.

Guard Dog Security Services

Our Guard Dog Security Services stimulate appropriate protection and safety measures making our Building Site Security Services perform for our clients by improving services and team processes to making sure that our tailored packages come with a discreet and efficient range that`s offering Superior Building Site Security solution, with a forward-thinking management team and high level of Safety measure and risk assessment.

K9 Patrol Security Services

Our K9 Patrol Security Services team provide a high-level K9 Patrol Security safety measure solution; this principle is extremely important to all of us. We are completely focused and we aim to offer a K9 Patrol Security Services that will go over and above customers’ expectations, Our K9 Patrol Security Services delivered with professionalism combined with local and non- local knowledge, commitment and an individually tailored service.

Building Site Security

9Guard methods approach of Building Site Security Services to customer’s service and protection that designed to secure complete flexibility Building Site Security Services for all Building Security and Construction Security that we provide with Cost Effective and come`s with 100% customer satisfaction. We offer a Flexibility Methods of Building Site Security with a specially trained and highly motivated Construction site Security guards, delivered with risk assessment, in addition to Reliability.

Our Work Flow

Retail Security

9Guard Security Services are the most effective security methods for Retail Security, 9Guard Security Services deter shoplifting as well as vandalism. Our services can provide you with cost, we aim to give 100% customer satisfaction. We will work as a part of your team to ensure a customer friendly approach is consistently achieved

Offices Security

The most effective security company, with a record of reliability and trustworthiness for Offices Security, for short-term or long-term security services. All our security officers / security guards are SIA Professionally trained, qualified and well experienced, in protecting industrial, warehousing, manufacturing, construction`s and commercial premises.

Community Security

 9Guard Security provide highly trained and reliable Community Security, with the very best skilled security guards, All so a friendly community security service is our top priority. We know that our customers are worthy of a fast and reliable resolution to any kind of issue! 9Guard Security services supports the police and local authority in improving community safety.

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