Scalable Mobile Patrol Security Services

And Professionally K9 Security Patrol Services delivered with SIA – NASDU – BIPDT trained Guard Dog Security Services

Mobile Patrol Security Services

Our Mobile Patrol Security Services team and staff Impose Scalable safety measures in to our Guard Dog Security Services divided into organisational measures and technical protective measures to the use of High Performing k9 Patrol Security Services to Construction Site Security that trained to the high standards are set by Security Industry Authority (SIA), NASDU and BIPDT, in addition to environmental guidance.

The primary consideration for 9Guard is to ensure the occurrence of high quality and to work towards this outcome. This identifies the requirement of Incredibly High Performing Security Services Solutions with Professionally Mobile Patrol and Building Site Security solutions delivered with high performing.

What We Offer

Security Mobile Patrol Services

Our Uniformed Security Mobile Patrol are motivated, fully (SIA) licensed and insured with further training set by National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) and the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (BIPDT).

k9 Security Services

Our Uniformed K9 Security Patrol team are trained to the high standards that are set by Security Industry Authority (SIA), also undertake further training and gain accreditation from customer service and investigation technique courses

Guard Dog Security Services

Our Uniformed dog handler trained to the high standards that are set by Security Industry Authority (SIA) with further training set by National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) and the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (BIPDT)

Construction Site Security

Our Uniformed Construction Site Security Guards Services Company imposed health and safety and Risk Assessment to an effective Security Solution adapted specifically with trained Guard Dog Security Services and professionally SIA – NASDU – BIPDT trained, with environmental guidance

  • SIA Licensed 100%
  • Insured 100%
  • Trained 100%
  • Cost Effective 100%

9Guard Security Services company, operation policy`s and the associated procedures are monitored and reviewed every year on a regular basis to ensure that they remain current and applicable to the company’s activities. We do inducting our guards on every new site, all so we do have regular refreshment of induction every 1 to 2 months, in addition we provide guidance and tools to help our Guards understand what they need to do to control and assess the risks in workplace.

9Guard Security Services and employees have a responsibility to assist in the effective implementation of the Policy within their work area and included within their duties, they understood and aware of their responsibilities contained in the Company Health and Safety Policy, al so they taking the necessary training, instruction and generally assist management in carrying out its duties under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974.

9Guard will fully comply with the duties placed upon it within the requirements of legislation, whilst at all times complying with, as a matter of best practice, the requirements and duties set out within Approved Guidance as issued by the Environment Agency and other organisations.

9Guard Security dedicated to providing Insured, consistent and dependable security services in line with the Insurance requirements and contract specifications of our clients. We do this through our £10,000,000 Public liability insurance to protects us and our clients or members of the public or property damage.

  • Risk Assessment 100%
  • Health & Safety 100%
  • Environmental Guidance 100%
  • Cost Effective 100%

Our Work Flow

Industrial Estates

9Guard Security Services deter shoplifting as well as vandalism, we are the most effective security methods for Industrial Estates and Retail Security we provide with cost effective all so we aim to give 100% customer satisfaction

Construction Site Security

9Guard Security Services provide our customers with professionally SIA – NASDU – BIPDT trained Guards with Cost Effective Construction Security along with risk assessment and professionalism, using well skilled and experienced construction security guards with environmental guidance for our customers

Manufacturing Premises

We work as a part of your team to ensure a customer friendly approach is consistently achieved. Our security guards are one of the most effective security methods utilized in the security field, all so have the able to get along well with co-workers and accept supervision and the ability to convey thoughts in a focused and tangible manner.

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