Integrated Manned Security Services & Dog Security

Delivered with Scalable Security Guard Services and versatile K9 Patrol Security Safety Measure with Key Factor of the health & safety

Versatile Manned Security Services

The aims of our Manned Security Services Company are to use the infrastructure of a conditional objectives to the Knowledge of health and safety and Risk Assessment to provide Guard Dog Security Services and K9 Patrol Security Services package designed to customers’ needs, delivered with a Scalable safety measure to all Building and Construction Site Security.

9Guard Security Services policy design by underpinning the Knowledge of health and safety and Risk Assessment to a principle of action adopted to our Manned Security Services in which decisions can be made in addition to ensure our Guard Dog Security Services meet regulatory and legal requirements to standardise our Mobile Patrol Security Services  solution and Construction Site Security Services safety measure, Our multifaceted Security Guard Services and k9 Patrol Security Services approaches to our customers show the relation between our Security Guards and our clients whom have an observable and measurable result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a fixed time frame to thrive their attain protection goal.

 What We Offer

After visiting the work place to identify the weaknesses of the property or site infrastructure, We help our clients by advise them on what Security solution they need for their project after we analysis our Security plan based the nature of the job and the area.

We provide appropriate induction and training so that employers act in a safe manner and how identifying and accepting the implications of change, in addition to take part in one-to-one as well as group discussions, we explain on how to recognise the needs and abilities of others, work cooperatively with people of different ages, gender, race, religion and people with disability, how to support and assist others in the workplace, contribute to and encourage commitment, pride, team spirit, and strong relationships.      

Always 9Guard makes ensure our customers receive consistent and cost-effective Security Services, It is important for 9Guard to offer a consistency of services and solution in order that our clients benefit from working closely with 9Guard in the trust. Our strategy with consistent, cost effective Security services that empowers solution and safety measure.

  • Health & Safety 100%
  • Risk Assessment 100%
  • Environmental 100%
  • Insured 100%

24-Hour Control Room

All operational staff have direct access to our 24hr contact centre via land line, mobile telephone and/or radio communications. The best mode of communications is established as soon as the site starts for effective transmissions and to ensure wellbeing of our staff

24/7 Out of hours  

We keep in close contact with our Guards and we guarantee that there will always someone available 24/7 to provide phone advice and practical assistance if necessary.

Management Patrol visitor

9Guard patrol manager carried out a random visit at random times, throughout the day/night and at weekends to the workplace on a regular basis to ensure that work complies with regulations and to ensure performance is maintained.

Manned Security Services

We provide Integrated Manned Security Services Solutions – Scalable and versatile Safety Measure with Key Factor of the health and safety and Risk Assessment in addition to a high Performing Methods solutions, with SIA – NASDU – BIPDT trained Manned Security Services at lower cost, and highest-value to our clients.

Security Services

9Guard Security Services Company has developed a comprehensive Security Services package designed to customers’ needs in various Security Services solution and measures, that fulfils our customers’, by selection process of its protection and security personnel is done vigilantly by screening and skilled interviewers, who also provide initial training for new guards and additional training for experienced staff in addition to supervision.

Security Guard Services

Our Security Guard Services Company provide a Superior and high standards Security Guard Services, adapted specifically to customer’s requirements, throughout UK. The aim of 9Guard is to provide a comprehensive Security Guard Services, with a discreet and efficient range with a tailored package are designed to meet each company’s requirements.

Guard Dog Security Services

Our Dog Security and Guard Dog Security are not only trained to the high standards that are set by Security Industry Authority (SIA), they also undertake further training and gain accreditation from the NASDU and additional knowledge in Health and Safety, criminal and civil law, communication and how to deal with both incidents and emergencies.

K9 Patrol Security Services

Our K9 Patrol Security Services Team know that our customers are worthy of a fast and reliable resolution to any kind of issue! They support the police and local authority in improving community safety property and valuables. We do this by employing only the very best, highly trained and skilled k9 Patrol Security Services such as EX law enforcement and EX military officers. Our experienced k9 Patrol Security Team are trained and know the importance of local community awareness, and work hard to find conflict resolutions that really work.

Building Site Security

9Guard stimulate appropriate protection and safety measures making our Building Site Security Services perform for our clients by improving services and team processes to making sure that our tailored packages come with a discreet and efficient range that`s offering Superior Building Site Security solution, with a forward-thinking management team and high level of Safety measure and risk assessment.

Our Work Flow

Building Site Security 

 We are the most effective security company, with a record of reliability and trustworthiness for Building Site Security, in addition to all security guard services, for short-term or long-term security services. All our security officers / security guards are SIA Professionally trained, qualified and well experienced, in protecting all kind of Building Security

Commercial Premises

Our security guards are highly experienced in providing services to Commercial premises, 9Guard Security Company selection process of its Manned Guarding and security personnel is done vigilantly with skilled interviewers, who also provide initial training for new security guard / security officer and additional training for experienced staff

Renewable Energy Sites

Our Security Guard Company main goals for Renewable energy sites and all other Sites are Quality Security services & better Productivity Achievement form other security companies. We have extensive experience with operating and delivering Security services comes from trained security guards

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